Via Crucis Paracord Rosary

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  • Saint Francis de Sales, pray for us.
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Made with black 550 paracord and lightweight but tough acrylic resin beads, this rosary is designed to keep you equipped for spiritual combat. All fourteen Stations of the Cross are represented on the back of the crucifix in stunning detail. Stainless steel split rings are used to attach the crucifix to the bottom knot for added durability. We’ve even sourced our paracord from U.S. Government-contracted suppliers for the best quality and the satisfaction of buying American-made. Take it hiking, take it camping, make it part of your EDC – it will take every ounce of penance you can throw at it. And if this rosary ever breaks, we will replace it *for free.* **We can customize this rosary! Just send us a message before ordering.