Fall Harvest One-Decade Rosary - EMBERTIDE EXCLUSIVE

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The first in a new line of exclusive seasonal rosaries from Our Lady's Armory: the Fall Harvest Rosary!

The Fall Harvest One-Decade Rosary features American-made paracord in autumn colors... but it's not just any old fall-colored rosary. This rosary is designed with the autumnal Ember Days in mind: those three days of fasting, prayer, and thanksgiving to God for the grape harvest, which gives us wine for the Eucharist. Since these Ember Days follow the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (September 14), the Three Nails Crucifix was chosen to honor that feast. The red and white swirling Ave beads are reminiscent of the blood and water which poured forth from the side of Christ on Good Friday. And the gold Pater bead honors the chalice which holds the Precious Blood.

This exclusive rosary will only be available for eight days leading up to the Ember Saturday of fall: from Saturday, September 16, through Saturday, September 23. Find the matching five-decade paracord rosary here. Like all paracord rosaries at Our Lady's Armory, the Fall Harvest Rosary is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Take it hiking, take it camping, make it part of your EDC – it will take every ounce of penance you can throw at it. And if this rosary ever breaks, we'll replace it for free!