LIMITED EDITION: Saint Patrick's Paracord Gemstone Rosary

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Tough enough to accompany Saint Patrick through the rugged hills of Ireland! Sturdily handcrafted, this rosary is built with the following features: - handcut aventurine gemstone Aves - handcut snow quartz gemstone Paters - American-made acid brown 550 paracord from a US Government-contracted supplier - strong handwoven knots - Saint Patrick "Pray For Us" medal made in Italy - Celtic "Erin" crucifix made in Italy - stainless steel split rings for medal and crucifix This rosary is HEAVY. You definitely won't forget you're carrying it. Saint Patrick, pray for us! Paracord is rot, mildew, mold, and UV resistant and has a test strength of 550 pounds. Premium gemstone beads have a Mohs hardness of 7. Thank you for viewing our shop!