Saint Benedict Cufflinks

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Cufflinks are one way for men to show a bit of personality in their otherwise rule-restricted sartorial practice. But they usually fall into one of two categories: formal yet generic, or geeky. I wanted something a bit more personal and meaningful than glitzy birthstones or superhero shields... so I created these Catholic Cufflinks. Each cufflink pair includes a high-quality photo image sealed under a glass dome and affixed to a stainless steel frame. Cufflink diameter is 20mm for a statement that is strong without being ostentatious. Choose from over a dozen different images! This pair features the front and back of the Saint Benedict medal. Artwork is known to be free of all copyright restrictions.

Don't see your favorite saint or devotion? Just send a message and we'll try to make it happen.

Note: antique bronze finish (pictured) has been discontinued. All Catholic Cufflinks now feature stainless steel construction.