Runner's Rosary | Athlete's Rosary

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I've spent a lot of time prototyping this new set of rosaries for athletes. I tried large beads, small beads, metal beads, acrylic beads, knots between each bead, one slide mechanism or two - I was all over the place trying to come up with something that was both fun and functional. In the end, I realized the most elegant solution was also the simplest: shiny silver acrylic beads on a double-slide "friendship"-style bracelet, with your choice of IMPERIAL RED, BRIGHT YELLOW, or ELECTRIC BLUE paracord. All three have a strand of reflective silver thread woven through, so you can keep yourself spiritually AND physically safe when you're out on the road. 

For sizing: one size fits all! This bracelet adjusts from 6" ID (inside diameter) all the way up to 10".