Memento Mori One-Decade Paracord Rosary

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Memento Mori - this imposing rosary won't let you forget! Silver plated acrylic beads, a pewter skull, and Italian silver medals are set boldly against the jet black 550 paracord. Choose from two crucifix options: one made with nails and a crown of thorns to evoke Christ's crucifixion, or the other extraordinarily popular Pardon Crucifix, which carries indulgences from Pope Pius X. At the other end, the double-sided Saint Benedict medal serves as a formidable sacramental as well. And as always, the paracord is sourced from U.S. government-contracted suppliers. Tie it around your rear-view mirror or hook it on the MOLLE straps on your rucksack. Take it hiking, take it camping, make it part of your EDC – it will take every ounce of penance you can throw at it. And if this rosary ever breaks, we will replace it *for free.*